Tattoo Aftercare

Don't Panic.

There are a lot of opinions on tattoo aftercare. A lot of “do this”, “don’t do that”, and everything in between. These instructions are for the clients of She Devil Tattoo Co. Following these will be the only way to ensure a proper heal and a complimentary touch up, should you need it. Aftercare instructions are always emailed to the client when the tattoo is booked after the deposit process.

These instructions are meant to be very simple and thorough. Don’t overthink them, and remember that less is always more.

The only person who can veto your tattoo artist is your doctor without penalty if a touch up is needed.


Step one

keep your tattoo wrapped

Unless you have a known sensitivity to adhesives, you were wrapped in one of our “derm” products. It acts as a second skin, protecting your tattoo from the outside world. It is both breathable and water resistant. 

These products have been in use for close to a decade. The owner of She Devil began using Tatu-derm in 2011 and has had very positive results since then. Saniderm is another brand that has very good results for most people.

This wrap should stay on for 1-5 days. If there is any plasma or fluids leaking from the wrap, it is no longer effective and should be removed. 

With the heat, especially in Arizona, skin can become very dry. The loss of moisture can cause the adhesive to pull at the skin and cause irritation. If this happens, take the wrap off.


Step two

Remove the wrap

When you feel it is time for the wrap to come off, take a warm shower and remove it. Be cautious and, if you are able, roll the wrap down onto itself. Allow the water from the shower to aide you in the removal process.

Once the wrap is removed, wash your new tattoo thoroughly with a mild soap. Be sure to wash all fluids that have been under the wrap so they don’t harden. Your tattoo is not going to wash away.

In some areas, the skin might still be tender, but ensuring that you’ve cleaned the area well can help ensure that your new tattoo will heal quickly without any scabbing.


Step three

Use an Unscented Moisturizer

After your tattoo is washed and allowed to dry, you should use a simple moisturizer on your skin. This will allow your skin to retain moisture so it can focus on healing.

Skin is a very resilient organ, and allowing it to heal itself is always ideal. Using ointments and other products can sometimes slow down the healing process more than they help.

If your skin is naturally oily, less moisturizer will be required. If your skin is naturally dry, more will be required. Making sure that your body stays hydrated with water during the healing time (2-4 weeks) will help immensely.

Wash your hands before you apply any lotion, and be aware of laying your fresh tattoo on dirty surfaces.


Step Four

maintain cleanliness

Most problems during the healing process occur at home. Dirty bedding, pets, children, or furniture that is porous (cloth) can all be culprits of spreading germs.

Wash your bedding the day of your tattoo so you will have clean sheets to lay on. If you have cats, clean the litter box before your tattoo so they won’t track any dirty litter around your fresh tattoo. Be sure that your children understand not to touch your new tattoo just yet.

Outside of the home, be very aware that your hands are touching things that other people who might not have washed their hands have touched. Public gyms can sometimes be breeding grounds for germs. Dress appropriately to cover your new tattoo to protect it.

Loose-fitting clothing is ideal. Direct contact with fabric can pull the moisture from your skin and cause problems during the heal.

Do your best to follow this advice. Life happens sometimes, and that’s okay.


Problems and Troubleshooting


If your tattoo is having any problems, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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