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Private Studio

She Devil Tattoo Company is a private, appointment-only studio near downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a small, industrial style space that doesn’t feel like your standard tattoo shop. The doors stay locked, the air stays cool, and the space is typically pretty quiet. Only a small speaker plays music while clients get to lay on very comfortable massage tables and get their custom tattoo.

There is no ringing shop phone. There are no random walk-in tattoos. There is a clean restroom, a stocked fridge, and plenty of mirrors to ensure you’re loving your new piece.

Grogu/Baby Yoda by Rosaland.


a private tattoo space

Client-centric focus

The tattoo industry is evolving every day. Rather than offering the same thing over and over, She Devil wants to put more effort into every tattoo, every client and every experience. Your tattoo is forever and that experience is one you won’t forget. We want it to be special.

Your time will be blocked off to ensure 100% focus on you. No walk-ins. No distractions. Just you.


Meet the Team

Tattoo Artists


Meet the Team

Tattoo Artists


Custom eagle, mostly healed, by Jake.


simple booking

Online everything

She Devil Tattoo Company proudly uses Acuity for all bookings. The servers holding all of your information are HIPPA compliant, ensuring all of your information is safe and secure. Consultations are easily scheduled online. 

Don’t stress. We will make sure you are taken care of.


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Female-owned Phoenix tattoo studio

We welcome everyone

Our clients come from all backgrounds. Some female, some male, and some who don’t conform to gender. Our goal is to ensure everyone loves the skin they’re in and feels a little bit more like themself when the tattoo is done.

The body modification industry was built for everyone. It’s your body. Having full control over your body is one of the most precious liberties we have, so don’t deny yourself getting exactly what you want.