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A curated tattoo experience

Client-centric focus

The tattoo industry is evolving every day. Rather than offering the same thing over and over, I want to put more effort into every tattoo, every client and every experience. Your tattoo is forever and that experience is one you won’t forget. I want it to be special.

Your time will be blocked off to ensure 100% focus on you. No walk-ins. No distractions. Just you.


simple booking

Online booking

I use Acuity for all bookings. The servers holding all of your information are HIPPA compliant, ensuring all of your information is safe and secure. Consultations are easily scheduled online. Appointments easily can be rescheduled yourself without having to reach out.


Safe space

Everyone welcome

My clients come from all backgrounds. Some female, some male, and some who don’t conform to gender. My goal is to ensure everyone loves the skin they’re in and feels a little bit more like themself when the tattoo is done.

The body modification industry was built for everyone. It’s your body. Having full control over your body is one of the most precious liberties we have, so don’t deny yourself getting exactly what you want.

Consultation Booking


Find Your Answers

Consultations are free, however we require a card on file in the event that you don’t show up to your scheduled appointment. In the event that you do not reschedule or cancel your appointment before your time, you will be charged a $20 Consultation Fee. 

When you book a consultation, you are emailed immediately confirming your booking. You receive another email 3 days before your appointment, as well as the day before. There is a reschedule/cancel button at the bottom of each email. You can also text the shop (602.666.9669) to let us know that you’re unable to make your appointment.

Sentient Tattoo

Sentient Tattoo Collective
227 S. Smith Rd., Suite 101, Tempe, AZ 85281

No. She Devil Tattoo Company is a tattoo-only shop. There are many shops around the Valley which offer piercings. Our good friend, Tristan, over at Third Eye Body Art in Mesa would be happy to help you. HTC and Halo are two body piercing shops available in the Valley

In order to get a tattoo at She Devil, you must be 18 years old.

Aside from a general idea of a design, you will need government-issued identification and payment at time of service. Deposits of 20% are required to book.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State-issued identification card
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • Foreign identification card

Student IDs will not be accepted as valid ID.

All equipment except for the tattoo machine is disposable. That means that everything we use is single-use and will be disposed of properly after the tattoo is completed.

Surfaces are wiped down with medical grade disinfectant surface wipes to effectively clean and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

All tattoo artists at She Devil are required complete both Blood Born Pathogens (BBP) Training and CPR Training. Every artist must demonstrate their knowledge of the basic principles of cross contamination and aseptic techniques during the setup, the tattoo process, and the cleanup of their tattoo.

Unfortunately, Arizona does not require Tattoo Artists to have any formal training or have permits to work. The owner has worked in other states which have had very strict laws regulating tattooing, and those principles and standards have been brought into the She Devil.

As a general rule, no. Exceptions are made on occasion. 

A consultation is required with a parent or legal guardian present, and a discussion is needed about the risks of being tattooed during development.

No tattoos will be performed on anyone under 16 for any reason. Certain areas of the body will not be tattooed on a minor for any reason.

No. We work by appointment only, even if we are not tattooing.

While we appreciate the “spur of the moment” tattoos, we want to give you 100% maximum effort. You’d be amazed the designs we can create if given a little more time to put it together.

There shouldn’t be a rush on a tattoo, and we won’t compromise our values because of impatience.

Cost varies on a number of factors.

No pricing will be given over the phone. A price range (which can change in person) can be given through social media or email if we’re confident we understand what the project entails.

Only a consultation will give you 100% accurate pricing.

We don’t operate on an hourly rate. Every artist works at different paces, so we price by the piece or with open-ended session pricing to offer our clients the most transparent pricing possible. 

Technically, we don’t have one. Minimum pricing creates a minimum effort, which goes against our values of providing our clients the best possible work for their project.

On the Booking page, tattoo pricing begins at $100, but it can be changed. $20 seemed a good minimum deposit.

No. We treat every Friday the 13th as just another Friday.

Most businesses that run holiday specials offset that cost throughout the year. We want to remain fair and consistent in our pricing no matter what time of year you visit.

Our entire setup can actually be vegan friendly. Some inks are and some aren’t, so please let us know this is your preference and we will be happy to accommodate.

Yes. All of the gloves in the shop are nitrile. No latex allowed.

If you got your tattoo by one of the artists at She Devil, you are allowed one free touchup within 3 months of your tattoo. If we wait too long, the tattoo might end up being very different shades.

For anyone out of the area, or if booking doesn’t allow for 3 months, we will make arrangements.

No person under the age of 13 is allowed in the shop. Some of the art hanging on the walls isn’t appropriate, and there isn’t much for a child to do.

Absolutely, as long as they are over the age of 13. Tattoos can cause anxiety and we want you to feel safe and comfortable.

The shop is small, though, and seating is limited. Try not to bring more than 2 people with you.