she devil tattoo co.

Guest Artists

Traveling to the Phoenix area and looking to work for a few days? I’d love to help you avoid high percentage cuts or tattooing in less-than-ideal situations.

I cover my bills myself, so I’m not looking to get rich off of anyone. I do, however, like to network and learn. If you seem like a good fit and you dig the vibe here, reach out and I’ll see if I can accommodate you. If I can’t, I might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Background Check

Common Questions

As you well know, my shop is my other home. I won’t allow anyone into my home without knowing who it is. If I’m asking too many questions, then I won’t be the right fit.

Also, your work will still be a reflection of my shop. Once you’re gone, I’ll still be left with the angry clients or bad reviews.

Like tattoo pricing, the cost will vary depending on the situation. If you only need a day to work, but you need all of your supplies covered it would be different than someone who needed a week and needing nothing other than a table to work.

Tell me what you’ll need, how long you’d like to work, etc and I’ll let you know.

Professional references from tattoo artists that I can confirm and reach out to very you are who you say you are.

If you don’t have any friends in this industry that will vouch for you, then I won’t trust you in my shop. Period.

I will happily provide any and all disposable materials you require, provided you tell me in advance.

I have an Epson Inkjet Stencil Printer for stencils. I can provide stencil paper as needed for hand drawn stencils, but there is no thermofax on site.

She Devil Tattoo Co. is a 100% disposable shop. There is no autoclave on site. 

She Devil is completely insured for the safety of both the artists and clients. 

All guest artists are expected to provide their own work, so marketing is minimal. As a private studio, there is no walk-in client base. The cost of the guest spot is reflective of that.